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Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal

I found this song/video….and just instantly loved it…and instantly wanted to share it! And in this digital world…voila here it is! Advertisements


These Are The Blues

  If there was a Zombie Apocalypse and I could only take 10 albums with me….this would be one of them.  I have listened to this album for 15 years. … Continue reading


Lushlife Cassette City- “rocking the mic until it’s time to coast”

Lushlife, first discovered him on a compilation cd with the Claremont Shuffle track, but then QW35T shared the link below that I am sharing with you and it changed forever.  … Continue reading

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DJ AM R.I.P. w/ TRVS B showing off mad skills on the wheels of steel and the drums… I know I have shared this before, however as I grow as a … Continue reading

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Dr. Dog – “It’s the silence of a song… It’s the sound of your voice as you sing along…It’s All in how you look at it.”

If I had to pick a favorite album of 2010 (for me at least) it would be Shame Shame by Dr. Dog.  As a DJ, I play a lot of … Continue reading

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Dj Jazzy Jeff

If your’re from Philly, or more likely if you are from the East Coast then you know or have at least heard of DJ Jazzy Jeff (and the Fresh Prince … Continue reading

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DJ Mark Farina…and then some…

Dj Mark Farina was first introduced to me in an old stereo shop in Ardmore, PA where my father and I went one day to get me my first pair … Continue reading

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Abbey Road

Abbey Road, The Beatles… My dad rocked the Abbey Road for a decade in the cars that I grew up driving around in.  I grew up singing Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, … Continue reading

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About two years ago QW35T and I traveled to NYC to do a gig for an indie film company that was having a release party.  While we were in the … Continue reading

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The Low End Theory

Yo…you need to take some exursions into the sound of TCQ on the Low End Theory.  I guarantee you’ll be buggin’ out if you haven’t heard it.  Don’t call me … Continue reading

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Paul’s Boutique

Paul’s Boutique. One of my favorite hip-hop albums.  This album plays straight through and treats to you a tasty array of breaks, beats, samples, scratches, effects,  superb lyrical creativity and … Continue reading

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Boombox….Visions of Back

What can I say.  I am apparently a sucker for back beat.  Another great album to listen to from start to finish (it’s actually blended continuously which adds to its … Continue reading

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Do you want more?

In this day and age of The Roots being a prime time TV name and a group that is recognized internationally a lot of listeners out there may have, (forgive … Continue reading

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