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Are Bears in Season?

Are Bears in season? Apparently they are… but not the bears of the wild…the bears of the ever-expanding universe of music.  This has come up before for me with clients and friends…there are a lot of bands and songs associated with bears.  I dare say more than other animals.  

“The grizzly is a symbol of what is right with the world.”– Charles Jonkel, American bear biologist 

Being a professor DJ hybrid, I of course had to take this to the next level and start  a list of bands with Bear in their name: (please feel free to add to it:))

Minus the Bear, Seabear, Bear, Grizzly Bear, TeddyBears, Black Bear, Boy & Bear, Bearfoot Beware, The Honeybears, Bear Who? Bear in Heaven, and Panda Bear

So what is our fascination with Bears? Perhaps it’s their maternal and paternal instincts, or that they sleep all winter and wake up with the spring.  It’s like we appreciate a being that is so connected to the earth and it’s cycles that way.  Perhaps we can learn something from bears…

So this ones for the Bears……which I hereby dub “Bear Tracks”:) I hope you enjoy the bears!



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