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Dj Prof’s Super “9” Mixog 4 December 2010

December 2010 has officially brought in the winter. A hard cold has settled in on Philly, frost burn in my fingertips tingle confirming that it is freezing,…if not the air, the wind.  I reminisce about the Fall as I simultaneously look forward to 2011.  As cliché as it may sound, I can’t help but to take an analytical look back at 2010, and I can’t seem to do that without comparing it to other years in my catalog.  Furthermore, I can’t do “Reflection” without music since music marks time for me.

In my 20’s my musical repertoire concentrated on the Beastie Boys, Jazz, Dylan, Ani DiFranco, Mark Farina, and King Britt.  I played the harmonica along with Bob, beat a drum to the Jazz, looked for love lost with Ani, bobbed my head in rhythmic agreement to the bass line and lyrical flow of the Beastie Boys. I listened curiously to Britt and Farina, not understanding where the music came from but liking how it made me feel.

As I Dj, there is a lot of stuff that I don’t get to play live, it’s too somber or thoughtful, to specific for the masses.  Take Bob and Ani D., sure I can play one of their mainstream jaunts, something from a movie soundtrack, but the tunes are still referring to a classic and a contemporary known as Woody Guthrie, which depending on the crowd and the vibe could be a mistake.  Even some electronica and Dj tracks are just too thoughtful, to experimental…like listening to Coltrane or Davis when they start playing in the negative space backwards and your ears say no but your heart says yes.  Those moments are musical magic but scream of auditory contextual specificity.

Growing up I loved making mixes, no blending or beat matching, just stringing songs together on a cassette tape or CD.  I would mix these for you, but to mix them and then post them would be illegal so I stick with till something better comes along:) I hope you enjoy. Click here to listen!


Tomorow is A Long Time-Bob Dylan

Valerie-Amy Winehouse-B-Sides

Your Next Bold Move-Ani DiFranco

Hang Me Up to Dry-Cold War Kids

Bath Music-Greyboy

Citizen-Broken Bells

Jackie Wants a Black Eye-Dr. Dog

Bacchus (feat. Allen Toussaint)-Galactic

Living Bread-King Britt & Sister Gertrude


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