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And daarrling your love….is just like music!

What a great remix (trying to find the original).  From a lyrical place I gotta say, what a truly romantic concept, take the power of music in the world; to move us, to make us feel, to bring emotions from unknown places within our souls…to make us better, to inspire us….and then compare the love you have for a person to the power of music, not a new concept but the remix of this Marvin track takes it to the next level.  To a music lover and a happily married man, this song not only gets my head nodding but it also makes me feel all romantic and well…let’s just say all it needs is a little Jazz Flute. (that one’s for you Ctrl-Z).

*This is restricted content to you tube keeps shutting down the embed feature so I have provided a direct link above. Enjoy!


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This entry was posted on 11/12/2010 by in Random Music Post.

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