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Chill.Cocktails.Coffee.Wine.orCuddlesmix by Djprof75 on Mixcloud Advertisements

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Part 1 of a mix I threw together (alla prima style) for my birthday.

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Going somewhere?

  Loving this song by Angus and Julia Stone

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Well…it’s not summertime…but it will be…and it is monday….so…either way it’s time to get up and press play!


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Relativistic Instrumentalism

  Intersectional analysis of Jazz Hip Hop Vocals Sampling and the conceptual aspects of relativistic instrumentalism. (AKA some new tracks and some old tracks that I have been really enjoying … Continue reading

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HipHopStrumentals Set

  A little mix I threw together for a cocktail reception at the Hall of Fame club at Citizen’s bank park.

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25 Eggs…A new mix from DJ Prof

We might’ve been 25 chickens…..or a new mix for you from DJ PROF?! (click on an egg to listen:)

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Well…I can’t fix the problems of the world…but I can offer you a mix to listen to:)

  I have spent a lot of time reflecting on two major topics/concentrations: 1. Angry people, or more specifically people who are just plain angry at people around them.  2. … Continue reading

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She & Him Volume #1

  I should’ve known better…gotta love the reference to Hawaii and the Beatles in one simple strum of a chord progression.  I put this song on, and everything and everyone … Continue reading


Are Bears in Season?

Are Bears in season? Apparently they are… but not the bears of the wild…the bears of the ever-expanding universe of music.  This has come up before for me with clients … Continue reading


MixMaster Friday’s-Dark Hipsters bleeding hearts drip blood to a hot beat.

My son helped me compile these tracks…asked me a lot of questions, trying to talk to a 4.5 year-old about Twitter, Facebook, and Blog’s is quite challenging, but fun at … Continue reading


Hump day mix…

So I started thinking, that tv is on the radio…radio is on the internet…and internet is on my phone…phone is on my computer….and my computer is on my tv….I am … Continue reading


Mix Master Friday’s 2.4.11- Head Noddin’, Foot tappin’, …soul grabbin’

Here is this weeks Mix Master Friday’s Mix. I had a good time diggin’ up some old jamz and some new favorites and putting them together in a mix that … Continue reading


Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal

I found this song/video….and just instantly loved it…and instantly wanted to share it! And in this digital world…voila here it is!


First Aid Kit: Ghost Town, Black Cab Sessions

First Aid Kit from Black Cab Sessions on Vimeo. Found this gem on Black Cab Sessions tonight while listening to dozens of sessions, whilst some were witty, dark, and creative, … Continue reading


Mix Master Friday’s – 1-14-11

Well as the world of 2011 reveals itself, I find myself slightly disorganized and random…haven’t quite found my stride yet…but…as a DNC fundraiser told me today…all that really matters is … Continue reading


These Are The Blues

  If there was a Zombie Apocalypse and I could only take 10 albums with me….this would be one of them.  I have listened to this album for 15 years. … Continue reading


The Roots & Groove Radio Show – 1.3.2011

So it’s officially 2011. I am very excited at the prospect of a whole year of musical discoveries, learning new levels of DJ skillz, and of course working with my clients. … Continue reading


MixMaster Friday’s – 12.31.10 – Love Bea(e)tz!

Been working on making a solid choice of tracks with nice beats, rhymes, and life and of course…love.  Keeping the banter short cause of the holidays and the hour, but … Continue reading


R&G Radio Show.12.20.10

Welcome to the most recent installment of The Roots and Groove Radio Show.12.20.10 on G-Town Tonight’s show was basically just a playlist, I knew I wouldn’t have time to go … Continue reading


Beards, Dragons, and Ink that comes alive

I have been on a roll today, lots of time reading, listening to music, playing with my kids, and playing with my new house guest (my niece’s bearded dragon see … Continue reading


Cat Power: Cross Bones Style

Just loving this song. Already loved Cat Power but somehow this one slipped by and now I can’t stop playing it…it’s the perfect song for driving in the winter down … Continue reading


Dj Prof’s Super “9” Mixog 4 December 2010

December 2010 has officially brought in the winter. A hard cold has settled in on Philly, frost burn in my fingertips tingle confirming that it is freezing,…if not the air, … Continue reading

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Lushlife Cassette City- “rocking the mic until it’s time to coast”

Lushlife, first discovered him on a compilation cd with the Claremont Shuffle track, but then QW35T shared the link below that I am sharing with you and it changed forever.  … Continue reading

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Where in the world is Son of Ran?

I was listening to a mix on and discovered this awesome song/artist and have tried to find it since to no avail.  It reminds me a bit of Cadence, … Continue reading

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Dj Prof’s 8 Trax November 2010 Mix:

First off, I was recently introduced to, which allows the use to upload songs and make a mix.  There are some legal loop holes, like the mix has to … Continue reading

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DJ AM R.I.P. w/ TRVS B showing off mad skills on the wheels of steel and the drums… I know I have shared this before, however as I grow as a … Continue reading

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Lex Land…Plays in Reverse…

Now Playing: Play in Reverse by Lex Land, melodic, full of love, full of suffering, melodramatic and catchy drum undertones…a slight “oaky” finish with a tinge of citrus;)  

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Alice Russell-Covers vs. Remixes vs. Originals or Alternately: The Pot of Gold at the end of the Remix Rainbow

As A Dj I have an uncanny amount of Remixes and Mash ups in my library, however, every once in a while I go back and find the original album … Continue reading

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Galatea’s Guitar

Just love this track…makes me want to travel to places where the sun is warm and bright, the horizon deep and rich, and the nights cool and dark.  I imagine … Continue reading

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The Roots and Groove Radio Show.11.15.10

Good evening! It’s so dark outside! What a great fall though…nice weekends, probably global warming, but still, carpe diem! Anyhow, tonight DJ Prof brings you a mix for Thanksgiving on … Continue reading

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Dr. Dog – “It’s the silence of a song… It’s the sound of your voice as you sing along…It’s All in how you look at it.”

If I had to pick a favorite album of 2010 (for me at least) it would be Shame Shame by Dr. Dog.  As a DJ, I play a lot of … Continue reading

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Dj Jazzy Jeff

If your’re from Philly, or more likely if you are from the East Coast then you know or have at least heard of DJ Jazzy Jeff (and the Fresh Prince … Continue reading

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And daarrling your love….is just like music!

What a great remix (trying to find the original).  From a lyrical place I gotta say, what a truly romantic concept, take the power of music in the world; to … Continue reading

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DJ Mark Farina…and then some…

Dj Mark Farina was first introduced to me in an old stereo shop in Ardmore, PA where my father and I went one day to get me my first pair … Continue reading

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Abbey Road

Abbey Road, The Beatles… My dad rocked the Abbey Road for a decade in the cars that I grew up driving around in.  I grew up singing Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, … Continue reading

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About two years ago QW35T and I traveled to NYC to do a gig for an indie film company that was having a release party.  While we were in the … Continue reading

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Roots and Groove Radio Show

Good Evening all you rainy monday fall night internet radio listeners, ( DJ Prof bringing you a fresh mix of music from hip hop, instrumental fusion, to indie tracks.  Personally … Continue reading

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The Low End Theory

Yo…you need to take some exursions into the sound of TCQ on the Low End Theory.  I guarantee you’ll be buggin’ out if you haven’t heard it.  Don’t call me … Continue reading

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Paul’s Boutique

Paul’s Boutique. One of my favorite hip-hop albums.  This album plays straight through and treats to you a tasty array of breaks, beats, samples, scratches, effects,  superb lyrical creativity and … Continue reading

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